Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Jersey Jolley Y-dna results

March 13, 2010

I had my Y-DNA tested at 37 points. My haploid group is I2A2B. There were close Y-DNA matches
with several Jolley/Jollys with New Jersey ancestors. Another 12 Jolley/Jolly American Y-DNA samples are not related.
Jim Jolly, y-DNA J5, and I, y-DNA J15, have a common ancestor maybe an average probability around 8 or 12 generations back.

Here are family tree starts for 5 Jolley/Jolly families, J6, J5, JXX and J15, and another Jolly family.
The 4 Y-DNA familys have a "close" match with each other.
Paul Washeleski's family history says that John Jolley b 1640 in Scotland is the ancestor of the first 3 families.

John Jolley b 1640 Scotland r 1675 Monmouth NJ m (a LENAPE Unami woman) - PWasheleski
· James Jolley b 1676 Monmouth NJ
· Charles Jolley b 1677 Monmouth NJ d 1728 Perth Amboy NJ m Jane Leonard

John J. Jolly b c1775 Amboy, Middlesex Co NJ d Erie Co NY in 1812 m Deborah Tompkins - kwh
John James Jolly b 1811 NY m Mary & Sarah - Richard E. Jolly
James Wilson Jolly b 1852 Savannah, NY m Rowenna Harrison
· William Eugene Jolly b 1879 Keeler, MI m Mabel Helen Wescott y-DNA J-6

Lewis C Jolly born 16 Apr 1759 died 22 Apr 1834 m Maria Van Tine born 1770
James Jolly b Middlesex Co NJ d 1831 m Mary Roler - jajolly
· William Jolly b Middlesex Co NJ d 1828 m Phoebe Sharp
John Disborough Jolly b 1824 Middlesex Co NJ m Anne Ellingham
James Donaldson Jolly b 1848 Middlesex Co NJ m Elizabeth Henry
George Washington Jolly b 1878 Middlesex Co NJ m Winifred Moylan y-DNA J-5

Charles A. Jolley b Trenton NJ c1800 d 1882 Springfield OH m Alice Timberlake - mattjolley
· William Bartine Jolley b OH c1831 m Nancy Mounts y-DNA J-15

Elisha Jolley Born 1807 Harrisburg? PA, died Lima, Allen OH, 1872. JXX

Family tree for I Stanford Jolley

Here is a family tree for I Stanford Jolley, to the best of our knowledge.
Descendants of Elisha Jolley of New Jersey, possible relations to Charles A Jolley,
since several descendants used the name Bartine in their families.
( Although there was a Bartine and his son who preached in Morris NJ from 1796 )
Also note a Henrietta Jolley Babbitt born 1820, of "french heritage" although census has parents born in NJ, is related to these Jolley's, although Elizabeth Gearhart said her family was English.
Henrietta was the eldest daughter of  Richard's son Elisha Jolley and she was  Elizabeth Gearhart's niece.
Much thanks to Jim Jolly of New Jersey for much of this information. He has two typewritten notes from Richard Jolly's will and some information from a descendant of Catherine Parson.

David Jolley born 1732 possibly brother to Elisha
Elisha Jolley married Ann Runyan? born about 1762,  
John Mulliner or Molineaux married Saltar, descendant of Henry and Anna Saltar
Asher Jolley on NJ militia role 1793

Children of Elisha Jolley and ??

Richard Jolley  1772  died 1820 married to Amy Mulliner or Mullineaux
                        buried in New Providence New Jersey.

Children of Richard Jolley
Elizabeth Gearhart 1792
Catherine Pierson or Parson, married 1822
David B Jolley around 1795 married Abigail Tucker ( B maybe Bartine)
Elisha Jolley 1796 married Frances Tucker born 1805
Asher Jolley unknown, alive in 1822.
Samuel Jolley born about 1803,  died 1865.

David B Jolley born around 1795 married Abigail Tucker born about 1798
  Richard Jolly born about 1823, married Margaret Morton Fisher born 1827
    Charles Bartine Jolly born about 1853 , married Annie Olivia La Forge.
     Eddie L Jolly born 1875
     Bartine C. Jolly or Charles Bartine Jr.,   born Nov 1878
     Julia born Oct 1883
 John Henry Jolley 1831.
 Robert Jolley born about 1835 married Martha 1880 census NYC
   William about 1858
   Frank about 1860
   Julia about 1862

Elisha Jolley 1796 married Francis Tucker born 1805
 I don't have any references yet to the alleged children of Elisha Jolley except for Henrietta.
1. Henrietta Jolley,  of French heritage,   who actually married Babbit.  ( not Fisher )
2. Phebe Jolley, who married _____ _____ .
3. Margaret 1834
4. Mary Louisa Jolley married _____ _____ . 1836
5. Betsey Meeker Jolley, who died at about 18 years.
6. Oscar Jolley;
7. William Jolley died at about 3 yrs
8 Frances Jolley, who died at 14 years. 1846
richard O Jolley born about 1834, somerville somerset NJ,????

Samuel Jolley born about 1803 married first wife
Samuel Jolley born about 1803 married second wife Elizabeth Ann born 1811 m after 1832
 Robert L 1839 died from wounds at Gettysburg.
 Edwin 1844
 Francis E 1855

Edwin's son ...
Robert B Jolley 1876 Circus again, middle initial may be Bartine.
 Here is a picture of Robert Jolley
 Isaac S Jolley  aka Stan Jolley or Uncle Ike,  1900 - 1978 Movie and TV actor.
  Stanford Jolley aka Isaac Stanford Jolley Jr. born about 1926

Freeman Tucker (born c1824) married. 2d, 30th June, 1850,
Hannah Mariah Norman, daughter of Samuel Jolley's 2d wife, by a former husband born 1832

 Henrietta is referred to as the first daughter of Elisha Jolley.

Henrietta Marie Jolley born Oct 21, 1820. married Babbit 16 april 1843.
Heritage French.
Henriettas daughter Sarah Millen Babbit was with Francis Jolley in 1860 NJ census.
Henrietta Marie Jolley born Oct 21, 1820. married Robert Millen Babbit 16 april 1843.
Robert Babbit was a wagon maker
Jennie Babbit 1841 in 1860 census.
possible Hettie Babbit born about 1844
possible William Babbit born about 1844
possible Emma Louise Babbitt Bailey
Sarah Millen Babbit born about 1845,
Robert Oscar Babbit born about 1846
Mary Babbit born about 1851
Frances Henrietta Babbit born about 1856. died 1877.
Emma Louise Babbit born about 1857,died 1941, obit NYTimes. May 25
Jane Elizabeth Babbit born about 1860

EMMA LOUISE BABBITT-; Ex-School Principal, Graduate of Mr. Holyoke in 1879, Dies, 84.