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New Jersey Jolley Y-dna results

March 13, 2010

I had my Y-DNA tested at 37 points. My haploid group is I2A2B. There were close Y-DNA matches
with several Jolley/Jollys with New Jersey ancestors. Another 12 Jolley/Jolly American Y-DNA samples are not related.
Jim Jolly, y-DNA J5, and I, y-DNA J15, have a common ancestor maybe an average probability around 8 or 12 generations back.

Here are family tree starts for 5 Jolley/Jolly families, J6, J5, JXX and J15, and another Jolly family.
The 4 Y-DNA familys have a "close" match with each other.
Paul Washeleski's family history says that John Jolley b 1640 in Scotland is the ancestor of the first 3 families.

John Jolley b 1640 Scotland r 1675 Monmouth NJ m (a LENAPE Unami woman) - PWasheleski
· James Jolley b 1676 Monmouth NJ
· Charles Jolley b 1677 Monmouth NJ d 1728 Perth Amboy NJ m Jane Leonard

John J. Jolly b c1775 Amboy, Middlesex Co NJ d Erie Co NY in 1812 m Deborah Tompkins - kwh
John James Jolly b 1811 NY m Mary & Sarah - Richard E. Jolly
James Wilson Jolly b 1852 Savannah, NY m Rowenna Harrison
· William Eugene Jolly b 1879 Keeler, MI m Mabel Helen Wescott y-DNA J-6

Lewis C Jolly born 16 Apr 1759 died 22 Apr 1834 m Maria Van Tine born 1770
James Jolly b Middlesex Co NJ d 1831 m Mary Roler - jajolly
· William Jolly b Middlesex Co NJ d 1828 m Phoebe Sharp
John Disborough Jolly b 1824 Middlesex Co NJ m Anne Ellingham
James Donaldson Jolly b 1848 Middlesex Co NJ m Elizabeth Henry
George Washington Jolly b 1878 Middlesex Co NJ m Winifred Moylan y-DNA J-5

Charles A. Jolley b Trenton NJ c1800 d 1882 Springfield OH m Alice Timberlake - mattjolley
· William Bartine Jolley b OH c1831 m Nancy Mounts y-DNA J-15

Elisha Jolley Born 1807 Harrisburg? PA, died Lima, Allen OH, 1872. JXX

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